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Please send us information about yourself and why you think a bouvier puppy is the right dog for your household.   We would like to place the puppies in households where they will thrive and be a family member.  If you have preferences about the sex of the puppy please indicate as well in the comments area.  Please indicate if you are willing to be placed on a waiting list for our next litter if not enough puppies are available in the current expected litter.    Please understand that this form is meant to provide as much information as possible so that we can determine if your family is suited to a Bouvier puppy.  It does not automatically guarantee a dog will be placed.  Please keep scrolling down until you get to the end of the form. 

Year of Litter:         

Tell me how to get in touch with you:

Cell Ph.

How many members are in your family?  Adults   Children

Does everybody agree to getting a Bouvier?     If you are uncertain please explain below.

How many other animals do you own now?    Dogs Cats   Other

Why are you interested in owning a Bouvier and how do you plan to meet the puppy's needs i.e. housing, exercise, indoor area, outdoor area, where the dog will sleep, what plans have been made for when the dog is home alone, obedience training, etc.? 

How did you learn of Milsean Bouviers?

Will you commit to providing regular updates of the dog to Milsean during the life of the dog?

Would you consider a rescue or older dog should one become available that we feel could do well in your home?  

Would you like your info passed on to Bouvier Rescuers - Ontario also?

Have you ever owned a Bouvier before?  If so, please provide what you experienced.  Have you owned any other dogs?  What breeds?

Have you bred dogs before?  Do you plan to breed in future? Why or why not?


Do you have a vet?  If so please provide name, address and phone:

Please provide two references with phone numbers.  Please do not use relatives:

Reference #1

Reference #2

Enter your additional comments in the space provided below and include your preferences as to sex along with any other information you feel would make you a suitable owner of a Milsean puppy.  Please include whether sex is only a preference or would impact your decision to purchase, also please indicate what your cost expectations are for a purebred, health guaranteed, CKC registered puppy:


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