Pricing (up to date lists are available at Kennel Office)

All taxes are included in prices.

Every 7th consecutive night is free.

Pricing is subject to change without website update.

Milsean Bouviers

Rates for Dogs: (per 24 hour period) - 6 out of 7 nights.
  • Single Run, 1 dog - $30.00
  • Double Run, 1 dog - $40.00
  • Large Room with Run, 1 dog - $45.00
  • Each Extra Dog in Same Run - $5.00
Daycare Rates: (per day) AM Drop-off, PM Pick-up, same day. This rate will also be applied when the dog is dropped off in the morning at the start of their visit and not picked up until the evening of their final day.
  • Full Day, Per Dog - $15.00 ($5.00 discount on second dog)
  • Half Day, Per Dog - $10.00

Rates for Cats: (per 24 hour period) - 6 out of 7 nights. Please book early for a kitty suite with a window ledge (only 2 have the outdoor ledge). Cats are given daily opportunities to stretch their legs within the contained cat room areas.  Cat exercise is by individual cat only unless 2 cats are boarded together in the same room.

  • Window Run - $20.00
  • Non-window Run - $15.00
  • Large Room - $40.00

Dog Grooming Rates (by appointment only):

  • Do It Yourself - $20.00 per hour (bring your animal and leave the mess behind!)  We supply: raised tub, adjustable temperature fawcett with 4 ft hose, shampoo, towels, blow dryers, and basic grooming tools.  If you clipper your pet, please bring your own clippers.
  • Nail Clipping: $10.00 per animal
  • Wash and dry only $25.00 of short coated dogs.
  • Grooming: (bath, drying, pet trim, nails) $85 large dogs, $55 medium dogs, $50 small dogs - additional charges may apply if the dog is severely matted.